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35902<br>XstamperVX 8-Year<br>Slide Dater
XstamperVX 8-Year
Slide Dater
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XstamperVX 8-Year Slide Dater - Impression Size: 1-7/16" x 1-7/16"

This 2-in1 stamp can have the cap removed from the stamp and just stamp "RECEIVED" in blue and the date in red, or pull the dater from the frame and just stamp the date. This pre-inked/re-inkable 8-year dater also prints: PAID, REC'D, FAX'D or FILED in place of the year. Use Xstamper Refill Ink only to re-ink your stamps.

To Change the Date: Remove the stamp from the frame and slide the indicators to the desired position. Place back onto the frame.

To Adjust the Date Impression: To darken or lighten the date: Remove the cap on top of the slide dater. Use a coin to turn the height adjustment screw. Clockwise for a darker date impression, or counter clockwise for a lighter date impression.

Re-Inking Instructions:
To re-ink the BLUE Message Frame: Place 2 to 3 drops of ink into the slots on the base of the stamp.
To re-ink the RED Date: Place 2 drops of ink on the pad in the center of the Slide Dater cap.

Recommendations: Re-ink your stamp overnight to allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad.

  • 8-Year Date Band Beginning with Current Year
  • Xstamper (Oil Based) Ink
  • "Satisfaction Guaranteed"
  • Recommended Uses:
  • Any Documented Needing a Date 
    • Product Options and Custom Information
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