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Refill Inks

Refill Inks

Our Xstamper, ClassiX, Artline inks are the best!

Xstamper Refill ink come in sizes of 10ml, 20ml & 60ml or ink Cartridges for smaller stamps. This ink is for your Pre-Inked Xstamper or XstamperVX stamps only.

You can also get ink refill for your Secure Stamp as well with our Secure Stamp Refill Ink.

ClassiX Refill Ink come in either 6cc or 2oz bottles. This ink is for your self-Inking stamps.

We also carry Hi-Seal ink for your Industrial stamps as well. Along with the STG and STSG inks we have all your ink refills covered.

*Note: Be sure to use the correct ink with the correct stamp. Use of any other ink in your stamps void out the warranty of that stamp.
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